Asphalt Repair

With neglect and poor maintenance, and, oddly enough, infrequent traffic, asphalt deteriorates. As it deteriorates, it begins to crack, which leads to water damage, erosion, gaps, and potholes. Repairing damaged asphalt is important to ensuring driver safety. AllSeal Sealcoating, LLC can repair all major asphalt problems.

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What Is Infrared Asphalt Repair?

Infrared asphalt repair is a unique alternative to conventional asphalt patching. It allows contractors to quickly, and effectively repair potholes and other pavement defects. The process uses an infrared heater to soften damaged asphalt into a workable state. New asphalt is then added and compacted, fusing seamlessly with the old. Executed properly, infrared repair will have the same, or better life expectancy as the surrounding pavement. The best part? It is more than 20% less costly than alternative methods and can be implemented for various types of asphalt repairs; with the exception of defects that have compromised the integrity of the base material beneath the asphalt surface.

Ideal repair for:

  • Paver seams
  • Oil spots
  • Potholes
  • Bird baths (low spots)
  • Trench repairs
  • Utility openings
  • Surface cracking (oxidation)
  • Manholes & storm drains
  • Bumps & high spots
  • Redirecting water flow

Benefits Compared to Conventional Asphalt Repair Methods

Cost Effective

Infrared asphalt repair is less labor intensive, requires less equipment and utilizes existing materials, making it much less expensive than remove & replace repairs.

Fewer Traffic Interruptions

Disruptions in traffic flow are kept to a minimum. Repairs are performed much more quickly (in as little as 30 minutes) and can be driven over almost immediately, resulting in considerably less down-time and traffic interference.

Safer Than Conventional Repair Methods

Conventional repair methods sometimes cause burning, scaling, or separation of the aggregate (pavement base) when saw cutting and milling are performed. Since infrared repair takes place with the use of a heater no cutting, or milling is necessary. This eliminates the possibility of damage to surrounding pavement.

Temperature Capabilities

Infrared pothole repair can be performed under conditions that would not permit project completion using an alternative method. Work can commence, even in frigid temperatures.

Seamless Repair

Because infrared repairs bond old asphalt with new asphalt and no cuts are made, the repairs are essentially seamless. It offers no avenues for water infiltration, reducing long-term and repeat maintenance problems.

Environmental Benefits

One of the greatest facets of infrared asphalt repair is its eco-friendly advantages. The need to manufacture new asphalt material is decreased substantially given mostly existing material is used to make necessary repairs. This in turn reduces the amount of asphalt materials sent to landfills by 90%.

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